Territorial Description of the Community

Hrazdan town is the center of Kotayk marz.
Head of the town: Aram Razmik Danielyan.
Total number of population: 59364 people,
from which 0-3 years old -1772,
3-6 years old -1833,
6-17 years old -20900,
17-60 years old -29359,
60 and more -5500,
Number of houseeconomy: 13200,
Administrative territory of the community  - 15 273 hectares, 
Hrazdan town territory -2 057 hectares,
Maximal tensity of the town - 25 km,
The altitude of the town center above sea level -1650-1800 m,
Agricultural soil - 11 042 hectares
from which appropriated - 4 132 hectares,
savings -6 904,
Wooded territories - 1 416 hectares, forest - 725  hectares,
The length of motor-roads-210 km, from which of local significance -155 km,
Number of multi-storeyed buildings -290,
Number of houses -3349

Historical Overview

The town of Hrazdan is situated in the North-Eastern part of Armenia. From the North it is bordered with Pambak mount-chain, from the south-west it is bordered with Tsakhkunyats mount-chain. From the East the border crosses Geghama mount-chain up to the top of Goutanasar (mount). Hrazdan River flows along the town, and the streamlets Marmarik and Aghveran flow into it.
   The community is situated at an altitude of 1600-1750 m above sea level. The annual average temperature of the air is 5,5-60 °C. The amount of annual precipitation is 715-730 mm. The region center of Hrazdan region (in the past Akhta region) in 1930-59 was Akhta village which is the southern district of the present-day Hrazdan town. In 1959 Akhta village was classified as a settlement of the urban type of the Republic and in the same year was renamed as a settlement of the urban type of Hrazdan. With the order of the Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR, January 12, 1963 - “About territirial changes in the Armenian SSR”,- the village soviets of peoples deputies, workers of Atabekyan and Jrarat were liquidized and Atabekyan (at present Vanatur), Jrarat, Kakavadzor, Makravan villages became parts of Hrazdan town.
   Hrazdan became a town of a regional dependence. Gaining a status of a town, Hrazdan is rapidly changing. During that period, the population of Hrazdan was approximately 61,0 thousand people, the main part of which, almost 47,0 thousand people, lived in multi-storeyed buildings. The ancient habitants of the town came from Maku, Salmast, Sasun, Ghars, Khoi, Mush in 1926-29. In the Soviet period, citizens from the other regions of Armenia, from the other union republics, and Armenians from Diaspora settled down in Hrazdan. In the result of the appropriation of 1992-93, the urban citizens of Hrazdan gained almost 4000 hectares of arable land, hayfields, almost 15 thousand head of cattle and goats and sheep, at present tens of thousands of birds are kept.
The appropriation was a legal stimulus for the sharp change of living private districts of the town, of the rural lifestyle. The tensity of Hrazdan town is almost 22 km. The length of motor-roads and streets of communal dependence is 192 km, the one-line length of water supply system is almost 300 km, the length of the sewage line is almost the same. In December, 1995 Hrazdan became the marz center of Kotayk.
   The town has 1 dramatic theater, 1 gallery, 2 museums, 8 libraries, 1 private higher educational institution, 2 specialized schools, 2 colleges, 13 general educational, 1 senior and 1 special schools, 13 day-nurseries, 2 sports, 2 musical, 2 children’s art schools, child and youth creative, cultural and youth sports and cultural educational centers of the municipality, child and youth creative sports schools of winter sports.

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